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Revealing News For a Better World
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News Articles

Concise Summaries of Revealing News Articles

News Articles.

You now have at your fingertips access to an exceptional collection of well over 10,000 concise summaries of fascinating, highly revealing news articles from major media sources. The articles have been rated for importance and sorted into over 70 categories covering a wide range of interests.

How can it be that you pay more to the IRS than General Electric? GE Capital has displayed an uncanny ability to lose lots of money in the U.S. (posting a $6.5 billion loss in 2009), and make lots of money overseas (a $4.3 billion gain). Not only do the U.S. losses balance out the overseas gains, but GE can defer taxes on that overseas income indefinitely.  ~~  Forbes magazine

To get an idea of the remarkable quality of these articles, see this webpage which features summaries of 20 of the most powerfully revealing of all articles collected. Then explore many intriguing topics in the Wilson's Miniatures 28mm American Civil War Regiment X 24 Commission to see which ones spark your interest.

From the countless news articles published worldwide each week, about a dozen of the most important ones are selected to add our database each week. You can explore the most recently posted articles on CLASH OF ARMS - BOARD WARGAME - EPIC OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR - ANCIENTS. To have these articles delivered to your email inbox, subscribe to our email list and receive two emails a week. As we've been doing this for over 15 years, our news summary database now features over 10,000 articles.

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On February 5, 1971, Edgar Mitchell became the sixth man to walk on the lunar surface. He found the trip to be a profound experience. He was also a believer in extraterrestrial activity, and was convinced UFOs had visited Earth. He [claimed] that the 1947 Roswell incident was covered up. "It's not just military. It's a cabal of organizations primarily for a profit motive."  ~~  CNN News

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Using our OOP Citadel Warhammer Empire Chaos C28 Giants Knobber, you will find news summaries on each topic arranged in three different ways. First, the articles are listed by importance. This is the most popular format. For those who visit frequently, you can also find them listed by the date posted to this website, with the most recent listed first. And third, for researchers interested in article dates, you can find the articles listed by their original date with the most recent listed first.

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Some news articles here may astound you. Some may seem unbelievable. Yet the sources are the top major media outlets from around the world. The powerful information presented can serve as a wake-up call. It is a call to move beyond complacency and apathy to focus on our deeper purpose in life and on creating the world we want to live in.

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The Bilderberg has often attracted speculation that it forms a shadowy global government. Bilderberg meetings often feature future political leaders shortly before they become household names. Bill Clinton went in 1991 while still governor. Tony Blair was there while still an opposition MP. All the recent presidents of the European Commission attended Bilderberg meetings before they were appointed. Private networks like Bilderberg have helped to oil the wheels of global politics for the past half a century.  ~~  BBC News

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Ultimately, the compelling information presented in these articles is a call for each of us to focus on moving from fear to love. If we want to make this world a better place, understanding what's happening behind the scenes is vitally important. By exploring and educating ourselves on the reliable, verifiable information provided here and spreading it far and wide, each one of us can make a difference. Thanks for caring.

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Sam Tsemberis has all but solved chronic homelessness. His research has inspired policies across the nation. The results have been staggering. Late last month, Utah reported it has nearly eradicated chronic homelessness. Phoenix eliminated chronic homelessness among veterans. Then New Orleans housed every homeless veteran. The federal government tested the model on 734 homeless across 11 cities, finding the model dramatically reduced levels of addiction as well as shrank health related costs by half.  ~~ 20mm medieval saracen - heavy 12 figures - cav (25306)

Note: For a list of all of the over 10,000 articles in our database giving the article title, date, publication, and link, see Classic Bloodletters Khorne AOS Warhammer Rare OOP x9 inc Full Command.

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